VEGA TimeCards is an online time keeping solution (SaaS) that allows clients to track employee time via a standard web browser or mobile device. It replaces tedious, error prone paper time clock methods with an easy to use web-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere. Once collected, the employee timecards can go through a supervisor approval process before its final audit by payroll.

Benefits of VEGA TimeCards

Clients repeatedly say VEGA TimeCards saves them TIME and HEADACHE. With its integration to various payroll solutions it’s a great fit for businesses looking to streamline their payroll process.

  • Dramatically reduce payroll data entry time while increasing accuracy
  • Reduce administrative overhead and total cost of ownership by removing manual timecards
  • Reduce risk of governance and compliance with manual timecards
  • Complete audit trail of employee time and approval
  • Empower your managers and employees with real-time access to time and attendance information
  • Improve workforce productivity by reducing manual time tracking and approval
  • Monthly cost savings and quick ROI
  • Reduce overall carbon footprint by eliminating paperwork
  • Eliminate storage costs of manual timecards
  • No software to install reduces costly IT support

Feature List

With over 12 years industry experience VEGA TimeCards is packed with intuitive features. Clients routinely comment how UNCLUTTERED and EASY TO USE VEGA TimeCards is.

  • Access timecards from any device; PC, Mac, Linux, tablet, smart phone, etc…
  • Integration to accounting and payroll software
  • Flexible approval process and administration
  • Flexible pay rate management
  • Late submission tracking and approval
  • Global rounding of hours based on administrator definition
  • Manage punch and manual time entry
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Statutory holiday calculations
  • Manage account numbers for regular, overtime, and statutory holiday pay
  • Restrict employee access by physical location
  • Flexible employee role overrides
  • New employee defaults
  • On-Demand reports and charts, including calendar views
  • Export direct to Excel
  • Internal memo tracking with employee feedback