• TimeCards
  • VEGA Systems has develop a employee time management systems which tracks employee time, and submits it to payroll for processing.
  • BudgetSync
  • VEGA Systems BudgetSync provide a web portal for Sage300 ERP budgets. Budget stakeholders can view their budget details, and produce budget forecasts, and keep notes for each account.
  • Solution
  • VEGA Systems has an extensive background in producing business applications, which are specific to your type of business, or business needs.


About Us

VEGA Systems main focus is on designing applications to meet business needs. Today’s business requirements are diverse, and off the shelf software requires a high level of customization, or manual processes in order to work. We aim to delivering the right solution for the right situation.

With an emphasis on business we don’t just design a website; instead we design an application that suits your business requirements.

Our flag ship product is VEGA TimeCards, which tracks employee time, and helps reduce the overhead associated with labour tracking and approval.

Contact us and speak with a consultant to see if we can assist.